For as long as we’ve been in the business, real estate associations and multiple listing services have had to choose between less-than-optimal solutions — or cobble them together with what seems like chewing gum and a rubber band — to engage their members.

It’s no surprise that our research agrees with NAR’s: Member engagement is the number one issue cited by MLS and association executives that keeps them up at night.

That’s why we built Membio. We believe there’s a better way.

We unite and connect all the data in your organization, assemble a golden record for every member, and make it all usable in a single easy to use platform. We don’t make you throw your existing infrastructure to the curb, disrupting your staff and members. Instead, we make your number one asset — YOUR DATA — accessible, functional, insightful, and yes, dare we say, FUN to use.

So what does Membio do?

We make members happy. We build community. We create engaged members. We make you look like a star. And that’s why we do what we do.

We built Membio to fit in. And stand out.

Membio is already a part of the technology ecosystem in organized real estate. More than 150,000+ agents access their MLS or association services via a Membio website or member portal. Our award-winning websites are a standout in the industry because they integrate with every major AMS and MLS system.

That’s why Membio is built to work with the systems you already have, not to replace them. We want to enhance the investments you’ve made in your AMS/MMS and MLS by surfacing their precious data in a platform that makes it easy for you to work with all of it.

Gorgeously Modern

From Membio’s emails and texts to its built-in notifications and member portal, every pixel is finessed so your organization looks phenomenal no matter the device. Customizing Membio to your brand is easy.

Easy Integration

Whether you’re on RAMCO, Rapattoni, MMSI, GrowthZone, Tangilla or any AMS with an API, we’re ready and able to integrate with it. We also integrate RESO-standard feeds including Bridge, Trestle and MLS Grid.

Works Right off the Shelf

When you take delivery of Membio, you can start working with it immediately. With minimal setup and an intuitive interface, everyone can engage members using our built-in templates, tools, and techniques.

Technical and Creative Support

We don’t just support our platform — we support you. We’re as much of a creative resource as we are a technology company. Our veteran marketers and thought leaders are here to help you creatively engage your members.


We’re a diverse group of thoughtful and passionate technologists, creatives, and product builders dedicated to solving the industry’s toughest challenges.

Tracy Weir, CEO and Founder
Tracy Weir
CEO and Founder
Gopi Dhanakodi, CTO
Gopi Dhanakodi
Paula Gordon, Principal, Product Management
Paula Gordon
VP, Product Management
Srinivas Paluri, Lead Engineer
Srinivas Paluri
Lead Engineer
Rajeev Reddy, Devops Engineer
Rajeev Reddy
Devops Engineer
Dale Sikkema, Senior Engineer
Dale Sikkema
Senior Engineer
Daniel Pratt, Product Designer
Daniel Pratt
Product Designer
Rogelio Avalos, Operations Manager
Rogelio Avalos
Operations Manager